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This site, following the spirit of the Second International Timetabling Competition (ITC2007), provides a portfolio of formulations for the Curriculum-Based Course Timetabling problem as defined in [Bonutti, De Cesco, Di Gaspero and Schaerf, Annals of Operations Research] (an earlier version of this work appeared as [De Cesco, Di Gaspero and Schaerf, Proc. of PATAT-2008]).

All problem instances downloadable from this site are based on real data from various universities.

In this site, you can:

  • Download instances (both in text-only and XML format) and solutions contributed from the research community.
  • Validate your solutions online or download the source code of a solution validator.
  • Upon registration, you can also:
    • insert your solutions, lower bounds, instances, and links of interest for the community.
    • generate random instances. A more statistically-principled generator is available from Leo Lopes at Google code (only for formulations UD1 and UD2, .ctt format)

The Scheduling and Timetabling Research Group


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